Friday, November 24, 2017
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UCookbook: The busy student’s soup

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MyPlate at KU

MyPlate at KU

MyPlate at KUDid you know KU Dining’s menu options fit into a MyPlate meal pattern?Dairy: 3 cups/dayFruits: 2 cups/dayGrains: 6-11 one oz. servings/dayVegetables: 2.5 cups/dayProtein: 5.5 oz./dayChooseMyPlate.govFocus on the new dietary USDA guideline recommendations...
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How to eat what you love & love what you eat

Rate this article and enter to winEating should be easy, shouldn’t it? It should work like this: We get hungry, we eat what feels good for us, and we’re all set. But in reality,...
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Mind & body: A broader look at disordered eating

Rate this article and enter to winIn how many ways can eating be disordered? Anorexia and bulimia are familiar terms, and you might have heard of binge eating disorder. What about orthorexia, rumination disorder,...
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Too much, too little: Recognizing disordered eating habits

Rate this article and enter to winIn college, students are typically faced with many challenges, some rewarding, and others that give new meaning to the word “stress.” There are many productive ways to deal...